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Rigid signage is a powerful tool for outdoor and indoor advertising, providing essential direction and information to potential customers. At Payler, we specialize in producing high-resolution, full-color direct printing that delivers maximum impact to rigid signs. Our signs can be constructed using a wide variety of rigid outdoor and indoor sign materials, giving you the flexibility to create custom designs and projects for your client that are limited only by your imagination.
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Because our rigid signs are produced digitally using only the best exterior inks, you can order smaller quantities more cost-effectively, and even create signs for your clients with customized messages. Whether you need architectural and custom real estate signs, development signs, political campaign signs, or general signage, we can print direct to a wide variety of materials to meet your clients needs. Our weather-proof corrugated plastic, aluminum composite materials, acrylic, magnetic and aluminum are suitable for any type of outdoor display that requires a rigid graphic. We can also print on card stock, styrene, foam board, and PVC for more interior applications.

If your client has special production needs that require a different material than those shown, please contact us. Our team will help you find the right product to meet your unique needs. Plus, we offer a variety of finishing and packaging options to complete projects to your client’s specifications.

Ordering your signs is easy with our online system. If you have any additional questions or need help with your order, simply contact us using the form below or call us at (314) 270-9699. We're here to help you create high-impact outdoor signs that get noticed!

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