Foamed PVC is a lightweight, versatile, and durable material. Our PVC has a smooth and bright white surface for producing consistent high quality prints. PVC is easily handled, cut and fabricated. PVC is widely used in sign and display applications, such as, P.O.P displays, exhibit displays, corporate event signage, and more.
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a PVC poster with the words pwc on it

You can order using our online system. If you have additional questions, contact us with the form below or call (314) 270-9699.

Can be routed, die cut or heat bent to many different sizes or shapesCan be painted.  Contact us for details prior to placing your order.Standard cut, which includes square or rectangular shapesModerate cut, which includes radius corners or circlesCustom cut, which includes custom shapes

Finishing Options:

Standard Cut
Moderate Cut
Custom Cut
Heat Bent
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