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Our mesh vinyl banners are manufactured with polyester support cloth and coated with PVC. They are extremely tear-resistant made to withstand harsh, windy environments by allowing air to flow through the banner.  They are durable and weather-resistant.  Mesh banners are superb for uses such as building murals and wraps, banners, displays, outdoor signage, fence wraps, stage banners and more.
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Mesh banners image on a building

Our mesh vinyl banner meets the minimum requirements of the National Fire Protection Association No.701, “Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films, 2015 Edition, (Test 1, Small Scale)”. A Fire Retardant certificate is available upon request. You can order using our online system. If you have additional questions, contact us with the form below or call (314) 270-9699.

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