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Mentoring for Success

We are excited to share with you the strides we are taking to shape the future of the sign industry under the guidance of our own sign veteran and owner, Kurt Kahmke.

Mentoring for Success:

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the sign industry, it's natural to wonder about its future. Who will be the leaders and innovators in 10-15 years? This uncertainty emphasizes the critical importance of training the next generation of professionals today. Through mentorship and hands-on experience, Payler is not only securing its own success but actively contributing to the development of leaders and innovators who will steer the course of the sign industry in the years ahead.

Here at Payler, we take immense pride in fostering the growth and success of our team members. Our owner and sign expert Kurt Kahmke is a dedicated mentor and provides daily guidance to our four full-time employees under the age of 20. By investing in their growth and development, Kurt is helping to ensure that Payler remains at the forefront of the industry now and for years to come.

“Kurt mentoring us has helped us to learn so much in a very short time. We are so excited to be a part of Payler and can't wait to see what we do in the years to come. We are so happy to call the sign industry our career.” - Derek Wingate

This mentorship not only positively influences Payler but also proves beneficial for young students navigating the uncertain period between high school and college, where career aspirations may be unclear. That’s why Payler is part of a local high school work program and provides a welcoming and nurturing environment for students who are still figuring out their paths. The four team members under the age of 20 started with Payler while attending the district's work program. All four decided to stay with Payler after high school and all recently have celebrated their first anniversary. We believe that by offering a good place to work and mentorship, we are not just shaping the trajectory of Payler Signs but also assisting young individuals in discovering their passions and building a foundation for their future endeavors.

"In a world where it seems some are ready to give up on our young adults, I am committed to being a beacon of support, determined to do everything in my power to empower them, ignite their potential, and guide them toward a future where success is not a distant dream but an achievable reality. My passion for mentoring in the sign industry stems from a belief that cultivating the creative potential of young adults doesn’t just shape their careers, it illuminates the path to a vibrant, impactful future where every sign is a testament to their growth and success.” - Kurt Kahmke

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